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  • 5000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank with LED Light


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    The Solar Power Bank is ideal for the individual that is on-the-go or the outdoors lover who is always in the sun. This power cank phone charger is waterproof, rechargeable with solar energy and includes an LED light and dual USB output. A high capacity 5,000mAh battery will make sure your Smart Device never runs out of juice while natures sunshine keeps the power bank recharging. High-quality solar panel absorbs solar power fast. Silicone shell makes it drop-resistant. It has 1 indicator light to show charging, and 3 indicator lights to show battery level. The Solar Power Bank is ideal for extending the life of your devices while on long trips, camping, fishing and gaming or just those times when an electric outlet is not close by. Comes with carabiner and black zippered case.


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